Home ownership is something to be proud of and you cannot help but want your property to impress others. We all make judgements in our minds on the people and things we see, virtually in an instant, and the same goes for the houses we visit. So, you can only expect guests to be wowed […]

A high number of conservatory owners are forced to steer well clear of their extension in summer because it gets unbearably hot, and ditto in winter when it tends to feel ice cold. It’s enough to make them hit the roof which is entirely appropriate as it’s usually the roof that’s to blame. The majority […]

A simple submission of feedback has paid off handsomely for one of our customers after they became the latest winner of Conservatory Outlet’s monthly cash prize draw. Nico Van Der Merwe (left) of Abingdon, Oxfordshire, is £500 better off and was invited to our High Wycombe showroom to be handed his cheque. It was presented […]

We are all constantly being encouraged to do our ‘bit’ for the environment and are accustomed to the energy efficiency labels that are on all the white appliances that we buy, as these indicate the extent to which the product we are purchasing is energy efficient, and therefore how environmentally friendly it is. With this […]

Sourcing sufficient replacement windows is easier for some homeowners more so than others. Those living in a period residence or property situated within a conservation area often find it difficult trying to find a window design that offers near identical styling to retain the traditional character of their house and satisfy the local planning authority. […]

January is a popular month for householders making improvements to their homes, but if your bank balance has taken a battering over the festive period, chances are that your home improvement plans may need to be put on hold. Folly we say! You can get quality UPVC products for less at Hazlemere Windows with up […]