Create A Grand Entrance With A Porch

Create A Grand Entrance With A Porch

Home ownership is something to be proud of and you cannot help but want your property to impress others.

We all make judgements in our minds on the people and things we see, virtually in an instant, and the same goes for the houses we visit.

So, you can only expect guests to be wowed by where you reside if the front of your home excites and amazes in equal amounts.

It will certainly do that if you take the following steps to make it a prettier place:

  • Regularly mow the lawn to keep it looking tidy, whilst also removing any weeds that grow or rubbish that blows on or around the greenery
  • Apply a lick of paint to any traditional wooden windows or replace them with UPVC or aluminium windows as they don’t need any looking after and will brighten up the whole house.
  • A quick power wash of your driveway will clean the surface and help remove any mildew, grime, dirt and stains.
  • Think about installing a new front door, or even better, how about integrating a porch into your existing layout to add another dimension.

Fitting a porch is a highly underestimated way of enhancing the kerb appeal of your home.

The design will be specially fashioned so that it seamlessly complements the character of the property and looks as though it has always been a feature of it.

Different forms of glazing in a variety of coloured styles can also be included in the porch if you really want to stamp your personality on the porch.

There are additional plus points of a porch…

  1. You can use it for storage
  2. It will shield your hallway from the cold
  3. Excellent energy efficiency
  4. Most porch designs meet planning permission requirements and building regulations
  5. Cost effective
  6. Improves resale value of the house
  7. Appeals to buyers
  8. Enhanced security

A porch offers so many benefits that buying one is a real no-brainer and something you will look back on as a real sound investment.

You can get an idea of the many porch possibilities at Hazlemere Windows by visiting our dedicated porches page.