Reinvent Your Old Conservatory With A Solid Roof

Reinvent Your Old Conservatory With A Solid Roof

A high number of conservatory owners are forced to steer well clear of their extension in summer because it gets unbearably hot, and ditto in winter when it tends to feel ice cold.

It’s enough to make them hit the roof which is entirely appropriate as it’s usually the roof that’s to blame.

The majority of traditional conservatories are constructed using a polycarbonate roof, a roofing system that’s often been shown to offer poor insulation.

There is a solution…

An amending of Local Building Control Legislation and Planning Laws in 2011 gave householders permission to retrospectively replace their old glass conservatory roof and make it habitable all-year round, as long as they first obtain Building Regulatory Approval.

The best option is the solid roof – a fully insulated soundproofed roof that regulates the temperature in a conservatory.

Benefits of a solid roof

  • Cost effective

A full replacement of your old conservatory could cost you thousands of pounds. But why do that when you can just replace the roof (as long as the existing windows and doors are structurally sound eoungh), at a fraction of the cost of a new extension, to help make it feel like a brand new conservatory all over again.

  • Fast installation

Your old conservatory roof can be removed and a prefabricated solid roof put in its place in the matter of a few hours. It will barely cause any disruption to your house as the installers will be in and out in absolutely no time.

  • Fashionable feature

Your old conservatory roof might have seen better days, so the aesthetically-pleasing tiles or slates used in a solid roof design will really liven up its appearance. They’ll also help to make your conservatory look like a more natural extension of your home.

  • Customisable

You will be given the final say on whether the solid roof is made up of lightweight tiles or lightweight slates and the colour applied to them. To compensate for any loss of natural light, you can also incorporate roof windows into the design.

  • Cheaper energy

The improvement in thermal efficiency will be so significant that it will require less energy to heat the interior. Energy bills will be reduced as a result.

You will hardly believe that it’s the same conservatory once a solid roof has been fitted, such is the dramatic impact it will have.

Find out how a solid roof can give your old conservatory a new lease of life by visiting one of our two showrooms.