Hazlemere Window Company Are Glass and Glazing Federation Members

The GGF (Glass and Glazing Federation) is a Government approved body who exist to assist homeowners and their members. The GGF represents over 60% of the UK home improvement industry by turnover. The GGF's opinion is also regularly sought by Government on Regulation and Consumer issues.

Seven reasons why you should use a GGF Member

1. Your Deposit is Protected – Deposit Indemnity Scheme

Deposits placed with GGF Members are protected by the GGF's independent Deposit Indemnity Scheme, which safeguards deposits up to £12,500 or 50% of the contract price, whichever is lower. Hazlemere Window Company Ltd also provide every UK homeowner who has windows and/or doors fitted with a ten year IBG (Insurance Backed Warranty) as part of their package. This IBG is underwritten by the Glass and Glazing Federation.

2. All Companies are Vetted

All our Members who supply, fit or install replacement windows, double glazing, Energy Efficient windows, doors and conservatories have been trading for at least three years and are vetted to ensure quality of service: this vetting process includes making a site visit to the company's premises, checking two years of their accounts and taking up trade and consumer references.

3. Companies work to a GGF Code of Good Practice & the GGF Glazing Manual

All our Members work to the Glass and Glazing Federation's Code of Good Practice and to the Technical Standards laid out in the GGF Glazing Manual.

4. Customer Charter

GGF has a Customer charter offering consumers:

• advice on where to buy

• advice on what to buy

• safeguarding of purchases

• quality service at all times

• continued customer care.

5. FREE Conciliation Service

The GGF also provides a FREE Conciliation Service, should a domestic customer and a Member company not see eye to eye over work carried out. In the rare cases that this does not work, the GGF has an independent arbitration scheme run by the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators.

Note: The GGF has no authority regarding compensation, and so we are unable to provide assistance on this issue. In addition, we are an independent third party and will not be drawn into litigation between the customer and the Member. Consequently if litigation was being used, or threatened then we could not intervene.

6. Conduct is monitored and regulated

The Glass and Glazing Federation monitors and regulates the conduct of its Members to ensure that customers are treated fairly.

7. Your installation will comply with the Building Regulations

All GGF Members will comply with the Building Regulations when replacing your windows and doors, this includes ensuring safety glazing is installed in critical locations as well meeting the thermal performance requirements for the replacement products. All replacement windows and doors installed within England and Wales need to be registered; this can be done in a number of ways - through registration with a self-certification scheme such as FENSA or through your Local Building Control. A certificate of compliance will be issued, this is required whenever there is a legal transfer of the property by your solicitor.

Which? Trusted Traders

Since December 2014 Hazlemere Window Company Ltd have been Which Trusted Traders

To assist householders to have greater peace of mind when appointing a windows and doors installation company, consumer champions Which? established an endorsement scheme labelled ‘Which? Trusted Traders’.

In December 2014 Hazlemere Windows passed an in-depth lengthy assessment process, proving they met the strict requirements set out by Which? and satisfy the high standards Which? expect of a local and reliable trader. In December 2015, Hazlemere were again asssed by Which? and passed their rigorous annual assessment, having proven that the company has the qualities required to be a Which Trusted Trader.

To be recognised in this way is an extremely prestigious achievement for Hazlemere Window Company Ltd given one in four traders do not pass the Which? Trusted Traders assessment stage. It demonstrates to potential Hazlemere customers that they are trustworthy and firmly committed to offering complete fairness and transparency at all times.

Having such an endorsement permits Hazlemere Window Company Ltd to display the Which? Trusted Traders logo on all their marketing material and vans which gives customers added confidence when choosing them ahead of other local installation companies who have not applied to or been accepted by Which?.

Which? Trusted Traders also provides its own ombudsman service which supplies an independent dispute resolution whenever any issues arise between a customer and scheme member.

FCA Approved and Authorized

Hazlemere Window Company Ltd is "Authorized and Regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority".

FENSA Registered Installers

Hazlemere Window Company Ltd have been members of FENSA (Hazlemere's FENSA Registration No. is 10589) since it's inception in 2002. FENSA is the leading body providing homeowner protection in the double glazing industry for double glazed windows and doors.

National Federation of Glaziers

National Federation of Glaziers (NFG) was founded in 1991 to promote best and fair practice in the UK Glazing Industry, and is a Trade and Consumer Federation. As it states on the National Federation of Glaziers website all "members are thoroughly vetted before acceptance and may be relied upon to provide proper and professional advice on all aspects of glazing, and to carry out glazing work to the highest standards."

The National Federation of Glaziers offers advice on all aspects of the glazing and glass, including Codes of Practice, difficulties with payments, installations, contracts etc. to both the general public and its Members. Hazlemere Windows became Associate Members of the NFG in July 2017.

The National Federation of Glaziers updates its members with up to date information on legislation and regulations and requires each of its members to comply with its Code of Installation Practice in full as a condition of being NFG members.

Window Energy Ratings (WER's)

by the British Fenestration Rating Council (BFRC) and British Standards Institute (BSI)

Window Energy Ratings or WER's were introduced by the British Fenestration Rating Council (BFRC) as an independent means of determining the performance of double glazed and triple glazed windows, to ensure that both UK property owners, builders and developers installed high performance fenestration products that do conform to the Building Regulations in England and Wales as required by law. 

The A-G rating system was first introduced last decade, before the substantial changes to the Building Regulations on 1st October 2010 when the minimum standard for a replacement or new build window was a Window Energy Rating of "C". Similar to the energy rating for fridges and freezers WER's are a trustworthy guide for consumers as to the energy performance of a product. 

In 2007 Hazlemere became the first company in the UK to design, manufacture, supply and install a dualframe aluminium green window system that achieved an ‘A’ Window Energy Rating. Their products use the latest, state-of-the-art materials to ensure they provide homeowners with the best, most technologically advanced thermally efficient, energy saving, environmentally friendly windows. 

Hazlemere's Eco-friendly energy rated windows (aluminium and UPVC) systems have previously been endorsed by the Energy Saving Trust and the British Fenestration Rating Council and are now endorsed by the British Standards Institute, and all achieve the equivlent a WER of ‘C’ or above, so customers can be assured it will offer superb thermal performance that will help them save energy and money on their household energy bills. The BFRC in 2015 introduced two higher energy ratings to recognise the more thermally efficinent products now available in the UK. These were A+ for windows with a rating of A10 to A1), and A++ for windows with an energy rating of A20 or higher. Standard A rated windows have an energy rating between A1 and A9. 

Hazlemere UPVC double glazed casement windows have an A+ Energy Rating as standard, and their triple glazed UPVC casement windows can achieve an Energy Rating of A++ if their slim 50mm outer-frame is selected.

Additional Accreditations

In addition, Hazlemere Commercial is an EXOR accredited contractor, holds the Contractors Health & Safety Accreditation (CHAS), is Constructionline Approved, and is an approved supplier of the London Housing Consortium (LHC). Hazlemere Window Company Ltd are also accredited to ISO 14001 for Waste Management.

British Standards Institute (BSI)

The British Standards Institute (BSI) set up Kitemark Window Energy Ratings in 2010 in additional to the existing Window Energy Ratings Scheme previously established by the British Fenestration Rating Council (BFRC).

Under either scheme double glazing and triple glazing systems manufacturers and suppliers are able to apply to join if they can fulfil stringent criteria, to ensure that the products they supply and fit confirm to the current Building Regulations, and are given an accurate independent rating.

BSI Kitemark Window Energy Ratings is therefore a third party product certification scheme which results in the certification of the energy rating of a double glazing manufacturers windows. In order for any particular combination of window frame, system, polyamide strip, gaskets and glazed sealed unit to receive an energy rating the manufacturer must a) obtain simulations from a BSI accredited simulator and b) demonstrate their ability to manufacture the windows defined by the simulations by controlling the supply of components and fabrication processes. This is enforced by continuous independent assessment by a BSI assessor every 6 months. 

BSI simulations define the potential thermal performance of the window, taking into account the U value of the materials used, the solar gain (g value) and air leakage of the window design.

Hazlemere Window Company Ltd were awarded their BSI Kitemark Licence in 2010 in respect of Window Energy Ratings. Their Kitemark Licence Number is KM 566333 and each Hazlemere Windows customer who have double glazing or triple glazing installed by Hazlemere receive a BSI Certificate for their particular combination of products stating its Window Energy Rating (A++, A+, A, B or C).

ISO Quality Management Systems

Quality Policy and ISO 9001:2015 Accreditation

The company has produced a Quality Manual containing detailed mandatory systems & procedures to ensure compliance with its ISO 9001:2015 registration.

Together with elements of our Mission Statement, these form the backbone to our company Quality Policy, which is:

In order for our company to maintain its current market position and build upon the strong foundations already laid, we shall:

  • accurately assess the requirements of our customers regarding our provision of products and services, and strive to exceed their legitimate expectations wherever possible
  • use our systems and procedures as a team, in order to always provide quality products that are delivered on time and to the complete satisfaction of our customers, and in strict accordance with all statutory and legislative requirements
  • recognise that the company is a single entity, with no single person or department having greater importance than any other person or department; and that everyone contributing to the company’s success, at whatever position they hold, is a valued asset
  • maintain sufficient levels of profitability to secure our future stability, thereby providing long-term job security for everyone associated with the company
  • provide a harmonious balance between work and home life for everyone contributing to the company’s success

In order to achieve these objectives, our Quality Policy and all supporting procedures, systems and resources, as enshrined in our Quality Manual, are regularly reviewed at top management level as part of our commitment to continual improvement.

The above Quality Policy also forms the basis of all staff development and training reviews, which are conducted regularly.