2017 Home Improvement Trends And What Might Come In 2018

2017 Home Improvement Trends And What Might Come In 2018

It’s fair to say that 2017 has been one of the most eventful years in recent memory and during the past 12 months, various new trends have been established in the home improvement field.

The world of home improvements is forever evolving and we can say with much confidence that 2018 will see a whole host of other trends flourish.

What are they likely to be and what are the stand-out trends of 2017? Hazlemere Windows is here to fill you in.


There’s one particular colour that’s been everywhere this year – Grey.

The application of a grey finish to replacement windows and doors or the latest home extension designs gives them that contemporary look and homeowners have identified this.

Chartwell Green has been almost as popular. In complete contrast to a modern Grey, Chartwell Green adds vintage styling to home enhancements and looks especially good when incorporated into cottages and farmhouses.

We have seen a rise too in the number of orangery installations.

This surge in demand for the orangery is a result of people wanting an extension that looks like a truly natural extension of their home instead of something that has obviously been retrospective added.


A further jump in orangery sales is anticipated and we think there’s a good chance that glass extensions will be a big favourite in 2018. Less frame and more glass appeals to people and the advancements made in window technology assures them of a structure that neither overheats in summer or becomes freezing cold in winter.

We also predict that coloured windows and doors will become more prevalent on our streets as colour palettes broaden and homeowners seek alternative finishes to a traditional white or black.

The recent announcement that Ultra Violet is Pantone’s ‘Colour of the Year’ will inevitably see this colour being incorporated into countless furnishings and home accessories; just a heads-up if you fancy having the most on-trend colour in your house.

Struggling to settle on a New Year’s resolution for 2018? Make improving your home the top priority and do it with the assistance of Hazlemere Windows. Don’t wait until New Year though to get a FREE quote.