Bespoke Aluminium Roof Lantern Lights From HWC

Bespoke Aluminium Roof Lantern Lights From HWC

All Hazlemere’s aluminium roof lanterns are made in the United Kingdom and each double glazed aluminium roof lantern is designed to provide maximum strength, long-life and trouble free performance. The contemporary roof design increases its strength and lets light flood in whilst giving MORE SKY – LESS ROOF™ to look at. Hazlemere’s roof lanterns really can positively change the environment of any room as the super strong lightweight aluminium frame rafters create slim, elegant roof proofs with excellent thermal performance.

Slim Aluminium Design

The aluminium roof lanterns that Hazlemere supply and fit have slim 40mm rafters and ridge which are up to 70% thinner than other UK products. Large thick profiles can be perceived as “unsightly”. For larger spans the aluminium structure is reinforced internally in the rafters, meaning no unsightly “bolster bars”. Although Hazlemere’s slim framed, fine line roof lanterns are lightweight, they are probably the strongest available in the UK thanks to unique design.

Their superb design, utilising the highest quality materials and build quality ensures your roof lantern is super strong – easily enough to handle the worst the British weather can throw at it. Extreme weather and loads quickly expose inferior systems. The roof systems have been independently tested as the strongest glazed roofing available in the UK domestic conservatory market. These robust aluminium roofs have been designed to withstand 33% greater live loads (wind/snow) than other roof manufacturers.

Exceptional Thermal Efficiency

Avoiding creating a room that’s uncomfortably hot in the summer or too cold in the winter has been alleviated by the super performing glazing and seals of our sleek lanterns. Specially coated glass works to reflect undesirable solar glare and reduces heat in conjunction with the amazing insulation qualities which help to keep rooms warmer during winter whilst minimising condensation. The real advantage of such excellent thermal efficiency is it helps to keep your heating bills down. The remarkable energy efficiency of Hazlemere’s double glazed roof lanterns is seen by the low “U-Values” they are rated with. Depending on your glazing option, sleek lanterns deliver U-Values of just 1.2W/m2K – 1.5W/m2K, better than leading many competitors (which are normally rated at over 3W/m2K).

Lantern Light Glass Options

Heat reflective and self-cleaning glass comes as standard, plus there is a choice of Celsuis Elite, Triple Glazed or Double Glazed Roofs. All Hazlemere roof lanterns come with an extensive choice of glazing options from 24mm standard toughened double glazed units to 28mm or even 36mm triple glazed units. All Hazlemere sealed units come Argon filled with thermally efficient low emissivity coated glass. The low “E” glass panes and solar control combine to reduce the amount of ultra-violet light and heat that passes through the glazed unit, thus offering protection for furniture and fabrics from sun damage.