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Make a statement with a colourful front door

Our engineered timber doors are high quality, extremely secure and importantly, low maintenance. In addition to outstanding design, they are very attractive and come with some lovely colour options. Have you ever wondered what the colour of your front door may say about you and your home?

Why choose Engineered Timber doors?

Our engineered timber doors have over two decades of research dedicated to them and this has created a super strong door that you can have confidence in and depend on. Safety, thermal efficiency and durability are all factors that should be considered when choosing a quality front door. If these elements sound like the characteristics you want from your front door then an engineered timber door may be the ideal pick for you. Our doors feature an engineered solid core made up of 3mm lamels that eradicate the risk of warping plus a 3mm aluminium subframe. Strong and beautiful.

Get creative with colour

If beautiful design and style speak to your senses then a timber door is an excellent choice. With 21 colours to choose from these doors are both lovingly crafted and gorgeous to look at. Wax Seal (moody muted red), Savile Row (rich deep dark blue) and Summer Coral (dark dusty rose) are just some of the unique and stunning colours that our engineered timber doors offer. Red is viewed as a physical colour and is often associated with strength and courage. Blue is considered an intellectual colour and reflects trust and logic. Perhaps pink strikes you as it is a nurturing colour and signifies life and emotional warmth. Whatever the colour of your door indicates about you, go for the colour that will make you smile when you get home.

Stand out from the crowd 

At Hazlemere, we can help you be distinct and stand out from the crowd if you want to be vibrant and show off your inner flare. There’s no need to worry about your colour fading or going dull as colour for this range is applied with the use of the latest spray technology with a microporous primer, basecoat and colour equivalent to 10 brushed coats. It won’t wear off quickly, crack or smear. No matter the shade or tone you decide to embrace our engineered timber doors are a product that you can rely on.


To find out more about our wide variety of Timber Doors and their many customisation options click here. 

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