Everything You Need To Know About UPVC

Everything You Need To Know About UPVC

There’s lot to think about when you are in the market for brand new replacement windows and doors – you need to decide on an appropriate window style, colour and frame material.

On the topic of frame materials, one of the most common window and door frame materials found in the window and door ranges of most home improvement specialists is UPVC, or to give it its full name…

Unplasticized Polyvinyl Chloride

UPVC, sometimes also known as PVC or PVCU, is a very low-maintenance material and often used as a replacement for painted single glazed wooden window frames and their accompanying sills. It is also utilised in many roofline products such as fascias, bargeboards, guttering etc. and has massively overtaken plumbing and draining items built from cast iron (waste pipes, drain pipes, guttering, downpipes). This is a compliment to the exceptional reliability offered by UPVC.

From a price perspective, UPVC is more affordable than hardwood timber and aluminium and promises to be a very cost-effective investment thanks to the outstanding and lasting durability it delivers.

Why is UPVC so tough, versatile and easy to look after? It helps that it’s manufactured using vinyl polymer which is bound to chlorine atoms. This keeps the running cost of the material extremely low and will save you a fortune in the long-term.

Any UPVC product you buy carries an energy rating in accordance with current Building Regulations and to help you identify the level of the thermal efficiency it offers. It will also inevitably come in a very wide selection of coloured finishes and woodgrain timber effects.

The thermal performance of UPVC will really appeal to those keen to make the interior of their property more comfortable. It prevents a large volume of warm air from escaping and keeps out draughts more effectively than some building materials. Cheaper energy bills are almost a certainty!

The key-selling point for most though will be that UPVC products never require any repainting or retouching. All you need to do to get them sparkling again is give them a wipe with a wet cloth every now and again.

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