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How to get an accurate replacement windows or doors quotation without having a salesman in your home

Regardless of whether it is because of the Coronavirus, or you just don’t want anyone in your home, it is still possible to get a highly accurate quotation for replacement windows, doors, guttering, fascias and soffits etc, you simply just need to let a sales consultant (once movement is permitted again) take measurements and photos from the outside.

With the 2020 Coronavirus outbreak still causing many folk concerns, there will still be a way to get a genuinely accurate quote for the home improvements you’d like to do at some stage, you simply have to either a) allow a sales consultant access to the grounds surrounding your property once the Government eventually permits movement or b) provide the various double glazing installers you are approaching for prices with sufficient information, that should you then decide to proceed, either way, you won’t get any nasty surprises price increases wise after the surveyors been round to measure, if and when you decide to proceed.
If your property is built with bricks, then it means a sales consultant can accurately enough measure out of reach windows (i.e. on the 1st floor or above) by taking photographs of each window, then later working out the width and height of each aperture. It is a little more difficult working out the measurements of 1st floor and above windows on rendered properties, but obviously no issue measuring windows and doors on rendered properties at ground floor level. Once restrictions are lifted and everyone is free to drive around again, you will be able to get an accurate professional quote done simply by allowing a Hazlemere Windows sales consultant to come on the strict understanding they will only permitted access to the exterior of your home. Basically at that time, as far as Hazlemere is concerned it will be entirely up to you whether or not you grant access inside your swelling or not. The important thing is Hazlemere Windows is offering you the option of providing the service, and leaving the decision entirely up to you. 
The alternative is to enable double glazing suppliers and installers to price as accurately as possible for all the materials, products, trims and labour required. To enable this to happen, all you need to do is taken a picture of each window or door in question (inside and outside for each window and each door), measure the height and the width of each window and each door, then pass this information onto each company, along with the specification of what you are looking for, namely type of framing material (e.g. aluminium, composite, UPVC or timber), the type of glass you’d like (i.e. float, toughened, laminate or obscure or a mixture), the colour of the window frames inside and out, the colour of each door in and out, and any changes to the ways the existing windows are designed.
External access doors tend to have deep external sills, so the only way to get an accurate quote for any door (to ensure the price you get quoted will cover the cost of the door should you order it) is to measure the aperture externally from the top of the aperture to the very bottom of the sill. In terms of the width, this is simply brick to brick or render to render. If you submit the measurement of the door from the inside this will be too short, and the price after survey will be a lot higher, so its best to know the true cost my giving as accurate as possible dimensions. In terms of door furniture, you will need to advise if you want a letterplate or not, a spy hole or not, a knocker or not, and if any other door furniture is required or not like chains, long push handles, numerals or additional security features. 
Although the same principles applies to windows, not all windows have external sills (although most do), it is obviously not safe to lean out of a window that is of 1st floor height and above. Instead measure simply brick to brick or render to render, adding on 35mm to the overall height to ensure the external sill is costed for and the window is the correct size quote wise. In tiled bathroom, shower room or toilet in addition add 10mm to both the overall height and the overall width, as the aperture the replacement goes it will be wider than the tiled width you can measure internally.
Likewise with replacement UPVC and plastic Roofline, all you need to do is measure the length of each elevation of the property you’d like any replacement cladding, gutters, downpipes, fascias or soffits. You do this by simply placing the tape measure on the ground and ensure you also allow of the overhung of the gutters by adding on say 500m per end, as on most properties these jut out. You will of course need to advised the colour of the plastic gutters and downpipes (i.e. white, brown or black) and whether you want round or square. Likewise you’ll need to advise which finish you like on your fasicas and soffits, cladding etc. i.e. wood grain effect (i.e. rosewood, mahogany, oak etc.) or colour (i.e. white, black, brown, blue, red, green etc.)
To enable legitimate companies to know whether any access equipment will be legally required or not to ensure all parties adhere to the Health and Safety Regulations, it is important you also send in a photo showing each elevation of the property in question on which you are thinking of having work done. Do this from about 10m to 20m away so each potential installer can see the whole of the property and the immediate ground surrounding it.
Another option is to take a picture of each elevation, print these off, and mark onto each picture the dimensions in terms of the height, width and lengths of each existing product you’d like a replacement supply and fit quote for. In terms of Hazlemere Windows, you then simply email info@hazlemere.co.uk along with the property’s address, you name and a contact number, just in case they have any questions about your requirements, as if you are making plans, it is best to get a professional free no obligation quote that is completely accurate, that covers all of your needs.Flush Casement Windows

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