Give Your Home A Facelift And Reap The Benefits

Give Your Home A Facelift And Reap The Benefits

Returning home after a hard day at the office should be something that puts an instant smile on your face, but that may not be the case if the look of your home isn’t currently to your liking.

Rotting windows, a haggard old front door or scruffy roofline is more likely to leave you with a furrowed brow.

The only way to turn that frown upside down is to do something about it.

We’re here to inform you of how our home improvements will have you head over heels with your home again.

UPVC / Composite / Timber / Aluminium Doors

Our eyes are automatically drawn towards front doors when visiting someone’s home because it’s normally the main entry point.

The very sight of a newly fitted UPVC / Composite / Timber or Aluminium Door is enough to blow anyone away as each door variation looks spectacular stylish.

The different door materials utilised at Hazlemere Windows offer certain benefits that we outline below:

  • UPVC – weather resistant, durable, maintenance-free
  • Composite – thick composition, solid core, strong
  • Timber – natural styling, environmentally-friendly, sustainable
  • Aluminium – tough, slender frame, large expanses of glass

Casement / Tilt & Turn / Sash / Georgian Windows

Windows have a huge influence on the overall character and personality of a property, so the moment they begin showing their age is the moment you should start thinking about finding a suitable window replacement.

Renewed aesthetics, improved security and excellent thermal efficiency are all a given when incorporating new windows from our extensive window range. You will find though diverse variances between every available option:

  • Casement – hinged at one side of the window frame and open outwardly
  • Tilt & Turn – a tilt of the handle opens the top sash inwardly, whilst a turn of the handle causes the window to swing inwards, making it easy to clean from the indoors
  • Sash – has one or two sashes which can be slid vertically to make an opening
  • Georgian – the Georgian bars give it the same distinctiveness associated with traditional Georgian architecture

So, there you have it. You’re blessed with choice when the realisation sinks in that where you live needs a little bit of loving.

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