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Hazlemere now has even more secure doors

We know that industry technology and product development is in constant change, that’s why at Hazlemere Windows we are always looking to keep ahead of the game.

Ultion Locks

We are conscious that security is of huge importance to our customers when purchasing new doors and windows and we are proud to be using, as standard, the Ultion locking barrel across our range of front and back doors, plus patio doors, French doors, bi-fold doors and our composite door range. *

We will all have different taste in the material our front door is manufactured from, the colour we carefully select and the glass style for the perfect finishing touch. But the thing we will all agree on is that the security of this, and any other door on our home, cannot be compromised.

The Ultion lock has been accredited with the highest 3-star rating and it is approved by the Master Locksmith Association, the Police and the British Standards.

It has been proven that a standard lock can be breached in just 9 seconds, an Ultion lock on the other hand, would give a hard time even to the most skilled locksmith. This is due to the ‘Lock Down’ function, when the lock detects attack the hidden locks engage, plus to drill to the core would be very difficult as it is 25% denser than iron. Both functions are a huge deterrent to any burglar trying to break in to your property.

This means the Ultion lock is anti-drill, anti-snap, anti-bump and anti-pick thanks to the molybdenum core that protects the attack pins, the double anti-snap protection, two attack locks, 8 drill defences and 11 pins.  Also, if your Ultion lock is breached from the outside you will still be able to operate the lock from the inside, keeping you secure and safe until you can get the damage fixed. And as a show of confidence, the lock comes with a promise direct from Ultion, if a burglar snaps your Ultion lock and breaks in they will pay you £1000.

But security doesn’t stop on the lock, the only efficient tool for getting through your Ultion locked door is your door key, especially designed for the job. Once your new door is installed your key is linked to you on activation of Key Control via the Ultion website and key copies from an Ultion Key Centre cannot be made without your permission.

And if lost keys are a problem for you, you can upgrade to Key Control and the free app will track your keys on a map via your smart phone. You can even use your key to sound an alarm on your mobile, even if it is set up on silent mode.

For peace of mind choose a Hazlemere door with the Ultion locking barrel. Our range of doors can be viewed at our showrooms in High Wycombe and Welwyn Garden City or contact us to arrange a no-obligation appointment at home along with a free quote.

*Excludes the Ultimate Composite door range and the Engineered Timber Door range from Hazlemere that have an equivalent highly secure lock to Ultion.

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