How To Put An End To Condensation

How To Put An End To Condensation

One of the most common questions we receive from customers at this time of year is “How do I protect my windows from condensation?”

Window condensation is a frequent problem in winter for some and the last thing you should do is ignore it as not only does it look unsightly, but it can also eventually cause damp and mould to occur. Letting damp and mould settle can potentially have an adverse effect on your health in the form of respiratory issues such as asthma.

You will find it very useful to know what condensation actually is and what triggers it to blight your windows.

Understanding condensation

Condensation is the physical process by which a gas or vapour changes into a liquid. What causes it to happen is when the temperature of the glass falls below the ‘Dew Point’ temperature which is determined by the level of water in the atmosphere and the air temperature.

It’s these differences in temperatures between the inside and outside and the glass itself that results in condensation forming.

Stopping condensation

There are ways of lessening the threat of condensation. There are at least 5 very easy steps you can take:

  1. In spring / summer when temperatures are at their warmest, dry your washing outside instead of putting it on the radiators.


  1. Before turning the shower on or running the bath, open the bathroom window to give any hot air a means of escaping and use your extractor fan if you have one.


  1. Leave a noticeable gap between any furniture and surrounding walls so that air isn’t constrained and can properly circulate around your living space.


  1. Any pans that you’re using for cooking should have their lids kept on so that any steam generated cannot escape.


  1. If you are still living with single glazed windows then we strongly recommend that you upgrade them to double or triple glazed windows as double or triple glazing is less susceptible to condensation when there’s adequate ventilation.

If you need any further assistance in relation to condensation, please do not hesitate to pick up the phone or visit one of our showrooms to discuss it in more detail with an advisor.