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Is your letterbox causing problems?

You may not have put much thought into the placement of your letterbox. For many of us our letterbox is a means of receiving post and beyond that does not hold large significance in our minds. You may be interested to learn that for some postal delivery workers your letterbox can be a bit of a headache, or more specifically, backache. 

Our doors

At Hazlemere, we offer a wide variety of doors for you to choose from, manufactured to your design, material choice, size and colour. We never want you to feel that you’ve had to compromise when picking out your new door. To view more information about our doors, click here

Our range of doors includes composite doors, timber doors, aluminium options and UPVC doors all of which have varying placements of where the letterbox can be fitted. And as they are made to your own specification you don’t have to include a letterbox at all. Maybe you prefer a wall mounted box for your mail deliveries.

Whether you choose a door with a standard letterbox placement or something more unique you can be confident that we will provide you with a door that is durable, highly secure and beautifully designed.

The issue

There has been a call to ban the implementation of low-level letterboxes as they can strain postal workers backs and leave them vulnerable to unfriendly dogs. The new regulations would propose that all letterboxes are fitted no lower than 70cm and no higher than 170cm allowing a comfortable range for postal workers to reach during work.

Standard letterboxes already existing within this range are no problem, however, if you own a door with a floor letterbox there is the chance your postal worker isn’t always thrilled when delivering post through your door.

Final Thoughts

There is a slim chance that this change will be implemented as law, so this issue is something to think about. When contemplating which door of ours you will add to your home perhaps considering the wellbeing of your postal worker will now be in your thoughts.

If a timber door with a low placed letterbox is what you’ve always wanted, we can still help you achieve that. Alternatively, if you’re looking for a door that is postal worker friendly, we can help you out with that too!

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