Revitalise Your Home With A Glass Extension

Revitalise Your Home With A Glass Extension

Extending the home has become highly fashionable as more and more people in the UK find themselves being squeezed out of the housing market.

Improving not moving is the trend. Some do it by converting a loft or garage to create more usable space, whilst others decide to have a conservatory or orangery fitted.

At Hazlemere Windows we have a further option – the glass extension

Glass extensions are very alike conservatories and orangeries in many respects as they’ll provide all of the following:

  • Exceptional thermal efficiency
  • Lots of spaciousness
  • Superb views of the garden
  • Increase the resale value of your home

So how do they differ from them? Firstly, the clue is in the name; a glass extension contains a phenomenal volume of glass. When enjoying the internal surrounds of a glass extension you will notice that glass dominates the structure thanks to the expansive panes and slimness of the frames. This high proportion of glass dwarfs the amount of framework utilised and gives them an ultra-modern look.

Another optional feature that really differentiates our glass extensions from any other form of extension is an integrated Veranda area.

We know how much people love to embrace the sunshine in this country when it makes one of it’s all too rare appearances and its inclusion gives you the opportunity to soak it in whilst remaining in immediate contact with this most spectacular of structures.

Choose a design and colour you love

It’s your glass extension, so you should have significant say on everything. Hazlemere Windows is more than happy to listen to your ideas and inform you of how we can deliver them in the final design.

You also have an incredibly array of colours to choose from with almost every possible finish available.

Leave any planning requirements in our hands

There is a chance that your proposed glass extension may require planning permission before the installation can go ahead. Should that be the case then Hazlemere Windows will take care of these obligations for you.

Get a glass extension quote now

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