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Show Your Home Some Love With Our Replacement Doors

Did you treat your loved one to a gift or two on Valentine’s Day last week? We most certainly hope so and you should continue to express the adoration you have for your partner, just like you should constantly demonstrate the fondness you have for your property.

How exactly do you do this? By making essential improvements to it and there’s no better starting point than the entranceway as that’s one of the first things that people see when coming to visit.

A revitalised entranceway will really make the whole place sparkle and replacing your current front door is the best way of achieving it.

At Hazlemere Windows you can choose from five different varieties of replacement door:

  • UPVC Door
  • Composite Door
  • Timber Door
  • Aluminium Door
  • Stable Door

Purchase any of these external doors and you’re assured of numerous qualities in addition to the obvious aesthetic benefits they offer:

Exceptional thermal efficiency

Does your hallway feel draughty? Point the finger of blame at your front door as it is supplying insufficient thermal efficiency.

A newly fitted replacement door promises enhanced thermal efficiency and will put a permanent end to those draughts. Your whole hallway will feel substantially warmer and you will see a reduction in fuel costs.

Outstanding security

Any responsible homeowner will want to ensure that their home is adequately protected against the threat posed by thieves.

Our full door range comes with the very latest secure mechanisms included and the door frames themselves are incredibly tough. When fully locked, people will find it extremely difficult to force them open, if not impossible.


Traditional front doors have a tendency to suffer from wear and tear and require frequent maintenance – painting, varnishing, sanding etc.

The only bit of maintenance needed to sustain the appearance of our contemporary doors is an occasional wipe of the door frame with a wet cloth. A paint brush will never be required.

Doors you will adore

There’s a generous selection of external doors on display in both of our showrooms if you want to come and see which one you most fall for.


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