The beauty of timber doors and the pitfalls

The beauty of timber doors and the pitfalls

On a period property or on a traditional country cottage a wooden door can lift the frontage of the property, elevating the first impression from ‘a nice home’ to ‘a beautiful property!’ However that isn’t to say that a wooden door is perfect or easy to maintain, there are some pitfalls which come with having a solid wooden door in contrast to its appearance.

So what are those pitfalls?

Maintenance and upkeep

With a wooden front door there is constant maintenance. Whether that’s painting the door each year to make sure it always looks its best as well as avoiding any wear and tear. Or checking the seals are still working effectively to avoid any leaks.

Natural Material

As wood is a natural material it can absorb moisture making the door expand and contract. This could make the door warp or swell over time, making opening and closing the door difficult and even letting in draughts. Wood can also chip and become damaged so you always need to keep an eye on the condition of the door.

Bearing all these pitfalls in mind, can you still get that same wow factor from a door which isn’t made out of wood but still looks great and gives the same effect? Yes, absolutely! Many composite doors have a woodgrain effect, are solid and sturdy in addition to looking sophisticated and being one of the most secure door options on the market.

Want to see a composite door for yourself to check out its wood grain effect? What are you waiting for come down to one of our showrooms today!