You Don’t Have To Stick To White UPVC Windows

You Don’t Have To Stick To White UPVC Windows

Let us begin by pointing out that there is absolutely nothing wrong with UPVC windows finished in traditional white!

If you want a colour that will never fall out of fashion and endure the passing of time, white coloured UPVC windows take some beating – the many millions of UK householders who own white UPVC windows can’t all be wrong.

But, sometimes it’s good to broaden the mind and imagination and explore the full range of colour options in our extensive colour palette.

Lovers of timber windows, read on…

At the outset, timber windows are immensely beautiful to look at, but as they age they have a tendency to lose their fetching aesthetics.

A solution is provided by Hazlemere Windows. Select a colour from our luxury Artisan Collection to create UPVC windows that brilliantly mimic wood-crafted windows.

The finish will remain fully intact without you having to conduct any sort of window maintenance (repainting, varnishing).

Try contemporary favourites…

You can also achieve a woodgrain effect with options such as our fashionable Chartwell Green and Grey / Blue finishes.

Even when viewed right up close, these finishes will have you believing that the UPVC windows are actually built from timber. We absolutely promise you that they aren’t!

They’ll help you set a new trend in your neighbourhood and make your home the envy of the street.

Dual finishes…

There are virtually no restrictions in terms of colour at Hazlemere Windows. You don’t have to a uniform finish on the inner and outer sides of the window frame.

Many homes benefit from having dual-coloured windows, with contrasting colours on the external and internal frames. There is nothing to stop you from choosing white for the inside, black for the outside.

Come and visit our shop windows

We have showrooms in High Wycombe and Welwyn Garden City where you can view our window range and see the many different colours we provide.

You can also uncover the type of window styles and window materials available, so they’re well worth visiting.